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Portrait of American Fascism
Lawrence Dennis

The Dynamics of War and Revolution
Lawrence Dennis

Definitions: They Must Be Made by Those Who Make History

Part I: Back to First Principles

Ch. 1 - The Social Need of Permanent Revolution
Ch. 2 - The Victors Make the Rules
Ch. 3 - The International Jungle

Part II: The End of the Capitalist Revolution

Ch. 4 - The Industrial Revolution—The Profits of New Monopolies
Ch. 5 - The Frontier—The Profits of Free Land
Ch. 6 - Rapid Population Increase—The Profits of Cheap Labor
Ch. 7 - Easy Wars of Conquest—Bows and Arrows versus the Machine Gun
Ch. 8 - The Masses Go to School and the Polls

Part III: The New Revolution. Mars, the Midwife

Ch. 9 - Necessities and Frustrations
Ch. 10 - We Fight Because of Democracy’s Failure
Ch. 11 - From Capitalist to Socialist Imperialism
Ch. 12 - The Return to Discipline
Ch. 13 - Power Politics
Ch. 14 - Realism Ends in Foreign Affairs When the People Rule
Ch. 15 - The Bloody Futility of Frustrating the Strong
Ch. 16 - After War, Pyramid Building
Ch. 17 - We Stagnate Because There Is No Common Will to Action
Ch. 18 - Out of War a New Revolutionary Folk Unity

The Political Doctrine of Fascism
Carnegie Endowment For International Peace
by Nicholas Murray Butler
by Benito Mussolini
Speech by Alfredo Rocco, Minister of Justice
Foreign Policy Association

Reflections on Violence
Georges Sorel
Translated by T. E. Hulme
Ch. 2 - Violence and the Decadence of the Middle Classes
Ch. 3 - Prejudices Against Violence
Ch. 4 - The Proletarian Strike
Ch. 5 - The Political General Strike
Ch. 6 - The Ethics of Violence
Ch. 7 - The Ethics of the Producers

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Fascism: 100 Questions Asked and Answered
Oswald Mosley

The Doctrine of Fascism
Giovanni Gentile
Benito Mussolini

The Reform of Education
Giovanni Gentile

The Theory of Mind As A Pure Act
Giovanni Gentile



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Mein Kampf(1939, Reich-approved Murphy Translation)
Adolf Hitler
The German-American Bund



The Fate of Trade Unions Under Fascism
Anti-Fascist Literature Committee
Foreword: What the Civil War May Mean to Spanish Trade Unions
by Isabel de Palencia
Fascism and the Trade Union Movement
by Francis J. Gorman
The Labor Problem in Germany
by Alfons Goldschmidt
Italian Trade Unions Under Fascism
by Gaetano Salvemini

The Fascist Road to Ruin
George Seldes
The American League Against War and Fascism

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Is Lindbergh A Nazi?
L. M. Birkhead
Friends of Democracy

Leon Trotsky
J. B. Matthews
R. E. Shallcross
The League for Industrial Democracy
George Seldes

Government Documents


Army Talk Orientation Fact Sheet #64: Fascism!
United States War Department

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The Charter of Carnaro (Constitution of Fiume)
Gabriele D'Annunzio
Alceste De Ambris

Fascism in Action
Rep. Wright Patman
Ernest S. Griffith



Mussolini, Hope of Youth, Italy's 'Man of Tomorrow'
Alice Rohe

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Giuseppe Prezzolini